Wilderness Light -Photography by Mark and Leslie Degner
Pet Photography

Nootka and Haida, our two Bernese Mountain Dogs, were cherished members of our family and we took every opportunity to photograph them as we knew that they won't be with us forever. The photographs that we have of Nootka and Haida provide us with pleasurable memories of them now that they are gone.

If you are looking to preserve the memories of your pet or to share the joy that they bring to you with others then you may want to take advantage of our pet photography sessions.

Our pet photography sessions usually take about one hour and can be either done indoors or outdoors depending upon the types of photos that you want. During this session we will take a number of photos of your pet (with yourself if you want) and after you will be given a contact sheet with the best photos from the shoot. From the contact sheet you can choose which images you would like to get prints made. Check out our Pets Gallery for some examples of the types of photographs of your favorite pet that we can provide you with.

For more information on our pet photography sessions, please contact us.

Pets Photo Image - Nootka with ball
Nootka with Ball