Wilderness Light -Photography by Mark and Leslie Degner
Stock Photography

We have an image base of over 20,000 35mm and medium format (645) color transparencies, and digital images.

From wide vistas to intimate close-ups, our scenic and nature coverage includes natural landscapes, parks, protected and unprotected natural areas, landmark and tourist attractions, rural countrysides, and cityscapes and urban buildings.

Our natural history coverage emphasizes, but is not confined to, western Canada and the northwestern United States and includes many of the ecoregions found there. Intimate close-ups and behavioural activities of birds and mammals are one of our specialities. Our coverage also includes wildlife and its habitat and wildlife's relationship and interactions with man. Many terrestrial, marine and freshwater invertebrate species are represented in our files. Both documentary and artistic interpretations of flowering and nonflowering flora are represented. We strive to accurately properly identify, both common and scientific names, all of our wildlife and floral images.

In addition to our landscape, nature, wildlife , and floral coverage we have a large collection of pet, outdoor recreation, science and technology, industry , transportation, agriculture, horticulture, forestry, lifestyle and still life images.

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Stock Image - Road in Forest
Road in Forest, Vancouver Island, B.C.
"Exciting lighting & unique compositions are what we strive for in all of our images"